We live in challenging times - but I choose not to repeat all of the things that can, must and have been said about the state of our planet and humanity.
Instead i choose to focus on what i believe can be done to move towards a good planet for everyone.

0/3 FULLCIRCLE is the idea of a feedback loop that helps us move towards a good planet - individually and collectively. It consists of three elements and is kept in motion by a MOTOR named delodi ...more

1/3 DEEP ALIGNMENT is the idea that we must match the godlike power we have created for humanity with similar godlike wisdom and love. We can do so by systematically employing psychotechnologies that help us to cultivate wisdom and love that help us navigate the complexity of the world. ...more

2/3 FUTURE ARTICULATION is the idea that once we feel aligned within ourselves, we can move on to engage in the difficult task of describing and the courageous task of communicating and coordinating towards a desirable future ...more

3/3 STEERING ADAPTATION** is the idea that once we know which future we want to build - then it is time to build it. ...more


fullcircle.global is the hub for bringing all of these thoughts together, creating experiments and solutions.

As a way of engaging with this is by reading what is written on spore.fullcircle.global, joining the multilogues around the posts and collaborating in our colony on Roam.

There is also a playlist on YouTube with various conversations with people from all over the globe on the topics of Deep Alignment, Future Actualisation and Steering Adaptation.

deep alignment

rootsfactor.com gives you a free version of the tools i have found and developed over time in order to continuously ground myself in order to create the energy and focus required to be an agent for my calling.

talltalk.io is a recipe for having deep and meaningful conversations with any group of people. It is free and it is open - feel free to use it and to share it!

VIDALAB is working towards a new paradigm for women which reaches far beyond the standard narratives of feminism and equality.

future articulation

MOTHER is my attempt to lay out a world i want to see and live in in order to have a compass for building it. It evolved out of the question: What does a world look like in which all SDGs have been solved.

50YH.org started an un-book (meaning that only authors receive a copy of the book.) It is a beautiful caleidoscope into perspectives on the future.

LUCID is a process which allows groups of people to create a shared narrative of the future for their scope, whatever that might be - a family, a company, a country or a planet.

BCC is something building on the above which will be unveiled during 2021.

steering adaptation

junglefactor.com is a tactical toolkit for managing complexity. It is used in environments of high uncertainty - like innovation processes - in order to mitigate risk. It is part of the curriculum at ESCP.

cogalleries is a platform that enables young artists to start earning a living without having to rely on the mechanics of the art industry.

menschheit.org is a legal-tech solution to providing for-profit companies with a mission drift protection mechanism.

harmonia logic is a framework and process to harmonise decision making processes in any organisation.

europX is a conference to expose the positive potential of technology towards a better political discourse.

HiMate! helps people - originally newcomers (also known as refugees) to integrate with more ease.

HRGP is developing the first manned drone race on the planet.

VUIA is an experiment in leapfrogging transport in rural areas of developing regions of the world.

beton.app is a solution to streamline processes in the construction material industry.

untwist is a tool to untwist meetings in organisations of any kind.

parity is a tool to support teachers of children with learning disabilities to learn mathematical concepts more easily.

engigo is a tool to support senior citizens cooperatives in the process of mutual support between the members. This is one possible implementation.

nextbot is a slackbot that allows changemakers to offer and find resources across communication silos.

steering adaptation


katapult:now is a network of entrepreneurs who combine their entrepreneurial talent, skills and network towards supporting organisations on their journey towards a regenerative economy.

GITA brings the technology-impact scene together into a conversation and creation process around missing tools and knowledge in order to move from 1 to 50 billion invested in ten years.

Chamber Of Commerce in various projects as a volunteer on several boards of the Chamber of Commerce in Berlin, i am helping actors in the existing paradigm makes sense of and move towards a new one.


MOTHERLAND is a process to identify solutions that are independent from outside ownership in developing regions of the world and have the potential to change billions of lives to the better.

NextNess is a series of exclusive conversations between scientests, investors, entrepreneurs and industry towards moving the field of regenerative materials forward.

Pirate Academy is an academy in the making (with the support of emergence) to learn about and teach how to build independent and self-sufficient communites.

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Last update: November 5th 2020

I am looking for a buyer for my apartment in Berlin, while looking for a ship between 20-25 meters long and 4-6 meters wide which will be our new home in Berlin and outfitted to be as self-sufficient as possible (water treatment, solar, etc). Also, we are looking for a place in our second home Costa Rica where we will build an Earth-Ship/Superadobe/Container Home, also fully sustainable and off grid.

Vanessa, Noah and i are enjoying fall in Berlin. Vanessa and i have plans to be in Costa Rica late December and January.


Working on delodi means, finding work and deciding which clients to work with while making sure, the company continues to thrive. With katapult:now i am starting to have conversations with people who build pieces of the future we envision (at kpn) and, of course, write down how that future should look like.

katapult:now is preparing for a new product and launch coming up in January.

PIRATE ACADEMY is slowly but surely building up a faculty and looking for land for the first batch.

MOTHERLAND is preparing a two month sprint for qualitative research and concept creation.

NEXTNESS is ramping up for the first series of conferences starting in January.